Summit Kick-off, Keynote Speech

For Immediate Release

Spark your imagination, with American Pioneers!

History Means Business®: The Pioneer-Mindset


 Orlando,FL - April 18, 2021

Join Rod Lance Morton and a team of High Level speakers at the inaugural, High Level: "Tell It Like It Is" Summit, brought to you by Tina Underhill and Handy BA.
The Summit begins April 22nd at 6:30pm with Rod Lance Morton giving the kick-off Keynote speech (HMB: The Pioneer-Mindset). It will continue through Monday, April 26th with stellar, High Level speakers covering a wide range of topics.
Get ready for an inspiring, action packed, unique event that will be filled with free giveaways and a takeaway that could provide the solutions you are currently seeking!
To learn more and register for this exciting summit:

###Media Contact: Rod Lance Morton, 321-277-1108